Attendance- Please Call!

Please remember to call or email us at LVMS if your child will not be at school, will be coming late, or will need to leave early. A doctor's note will be documented in attendance, but we still need to hear from a parent.


We are limiting our visitors in the building so we ask that you wait in your vehicle for your student to come out. Please call or email ahead of time, preferably 30 minutes before the time you will be here so we have time to locate your student and get them a pass. This also helps with students who are in PE and may be out on the track and will need to come in and change.

Please call 402-898-0436 or email Teresa Vincent, attendance

Visitors to the Building

Visitors will be greeted through the intercom/doorbell system with screening questions. Our secretaries are required to ask these questions. If you have something to drop off, we may ask you to leave it in a bin located outside and we will come retrieve it. Depending on other needs, we will work with you on the best way to meet your needs while also limiting visitors to the building. An appointment or phone call will need to be made if you are needing to come into the building and a mask will be required.

Please make sure when you are dropping items off, you have your student's name on it.Having items, especially personal items in bags would appreciated.