Attendance, Appointments & Passes


If your student will be absent, a parent or guardian must call the school at (402) 514-3600 to report the absence or email Marny Maloney at Calls should be made prior to 8:30am. A message can be left if the line is busy or if it is before or after school hours. Please note when informing the school of your child’s absence, you may be asked if this absence was directed by a health screener and/or for the child's symptoms.

It is very important to report all absences, we have to account for all students for their safety. If a student is still unaccounted for by 10:00 a resource officer will do a well child check.

Appointments & Passes

Parents/Guardians should try to avoid taking students out of school for appointments if possible.

If your child has an appointment and will be late to school please call no later than 8:30 to report the absence.

If you need to pick up your child during the school day, you will need to call the school ahead of time or he/she may bring a note to the front office before school starts. Your child will be sent a pass allowing them five additional minutes to go to their locker and then come to the front office at the time specified. Parents will remain in their cars when picking up and dropping off students. Students will be released once they see their ride in front of the school. When dropping them back off, students will check back in through the front office and will be given a pass back to class. Please provide a doctor’s as available.