PLC Schools Students Score Well on Statewide Tests

The NeSA (Nebraska State Accountability) test results were released today and Papillion La Vista Community Schools (PLC Schools) are known for achievement! NeSA is a statewide test in writing, math, reading and science given to elementary, middle school and high school students.  Staff and students in PLC Schools continue to rank very high!

When compared to Class A school districts across the state...

PLC Schools rank

( all grades combined)

  • #1 in district math 
  • #1 in District writing
  • #2 in district reading
  • #4 in district science

Our high schools

  • #1 in writing
  • #2 in reading   
  • #2 in science
  • #3 in math

Our middle schools

  •  #1 in math
  •  #1 in science
  •  #2 in reading
  •  #2 in writing

Our elementary schools

  •  #1 in reading
  •  #1 in math
  •  #3 in writing
  •  #5 in science

 The focus in PLC Schools on continuous improvement and we will analyze this data and determine a plan for how we can continue to get better at each school, in each classroom and for each child.   For now we want to celebrate the hard work of our staff and students and enjoy the success their dedication and commitment has brought us.