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Grandparents volunteer to read books to students for Grandparents Week

Grandparents volunteer to read to classes

What better way to celebrate family and reading than by inviting a grandparent to class to read a book?

Grandparents at Bell Elementary School have been taking advantage of "Grandparents Week" to read to their grandchildren and their classmates. The students whose grandparents visited had the opportunity to meet them at the office and walk with them to their classrooms.

Hand-in-hand the students beamed with pride to have them there and eagerly showed them off.

The grandparents were welcome to bring their own books to read aloud to the class or some opted to have their grandchild pick a book from the shelf in their classroom. 

The official National Grandparents Day is September 8, but the school likes to stretch the day into a whole week and invite the grandparents into the schools. 

This special event celebrates what grandparents do for the lives of children and to encourage grandparents to participate in their grandchild's education.

Thanks, grandparents!

 Here are some photos of grandparents reading to second graders on September 11, 2019.