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PLCS 7th Graders Put Outsiders' Johnny Cade on Trial

As part of their reading and analysis of The Outsiders, PLCS 7th graders in all three middle schools conducted a trial for the character of Johnny Cade. In the book, Johnny Cade dies as a result of injuries sustained while rescuing children from a burning building. This activity assumes that Johnny lives and is able to be put on trial. Students were assigned to the defense, prosecution, and jury, as well as characters in the book to appear as witnesses. The jury was tasked with making a decision based on the evidence and testimony presented in court. Lawyers and witnesses were all allowed to refer to quotes in the book as testimony.

The trial was an engaging activity that serves as an extension of the required curriculum, and was created by PLCS High Ability Learner (HAL) facilitators. Reading and analysis of
The Outsiders is a required part of the English curriculum.