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Provide your input on the Facility Needs proposal!

PLCS needs your input! 

A list of potential Facility Needs projects for Papillion La Vista Community has been developed. Staff and community feedback is needed to determine if a bond issue is needed, what the timing of a potential bond issue should be, and what projects should be included.

The list of the projects currently included in the Facility Needs proposal focuses on:

  • Improving safety & security.
  • Updating older facilities to today’s standard of greatness.
  • Accommodating a growing student population.

PLCS and the Board of Education have started the community engagement process to collect feedback on the Facility Needs proposal. Parents and community members will have numerous opportunities to provide feedback. Nothing in the current proposal is final. The staff and community feedback will drive whether there is a future bond issue, when a bond issue should be and what projects should be included. 

To watch the full presentation and Q&A from our Facebook live event, visit our website here:

facility needs