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Hickory Hill Raises over $3K in Penny War

Hickory Hill Elementary raised over $3,000 for the Nebraska Humane Society in a recent school-wise fundraiser: the Penny War!

Huskies in all grades brought in change and bills to contribute during the month-long challenge. Pennies and bills contributed as positive points in a grade's bucket, while silver coins were a 'sabotage' of negative points that students could add to the other grades' buckets. 

Emily Boisseree, 5th grade teacher at Hickory Hill and advisor to the Leadership P.A.C.K. (Positive Action, Community Kindness), noted that using the word 'sabotage' sparked additional interest among the students.

"Everybody was able to participate, even if it was just one penny," Mrs Boisseree said. "So I think a sense of belonging and feeling some sort of normalcy for the first time in a long time felt really good."

In the end, the Hickory Hill 3rd grade accumulated the most positive points during the challenge and won the prize: a movie in the gym!

Learn more and hear from the Leadership P.A.C.K. here!


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