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New school lunch payment system available

New school lunch payment system

PARENTS: PLCS is switching to a new online lunch account payment system! PLCS is not using My School Bucks anymore to manage lunch accounts, we are now using a company based out of California called Titan School Solutions.

Create a new account to add money into your child’s school lunch account:

You will need to create a new account to be able to add new money into your student’s school lunch account. Money leftover from last year will automatically be transferred to the new school meal portal. Click here to create a new account:
Click ‘Sign up today’.

Why the switch? There are many benefits, here are just a few:

-Only one fee is charged per session ($2.60). Meaning, you don’t have to pay multiple fees for multiple children as long as the deposits are made at the same time!

-Deposits happen in real time. As soon as you make your payment, it reaches your child’s account ASAP. Parents can also view an online account history of payments and purchases their child has made for the entire school year.

-Parents can transfer money between their children’s accounts within a school and between schools.

Have questions? Contact Food Services at 402-537-6250,