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New plans announced for PLCS graduations

graduation plans for PLCS


PLCS continues to be committed to recognizing the accomplishments of our seniors. We know how important a high school graduation is to seniors, their families and all of our staff. We are doing a two-part approach. We are rescheduling the formal ceremony to July 10 and we are doing a virtual ceremony on May 10.

Virtual Graduation May 10, 2020 1:00-PLHS 5:00- PLSHS

Knowing our seniors have varied plans for the next phase of their life, we are going to keep the May 10 graduation date, but the ceremony will be virtual. We are working hard to make this virtual ceremony special and more details will be coming soon.

Tentative Formal Graduation Ceremony Baxter Arena July 10, 2020 3:30-PLHS 7:30- PLSHS

We have also rescheduled the formal graduation ceremony at Baxter arena for July 10, 2020, tentatively.  PLHS ceremony is scheduled for 4:00pm and PLSHS at 7:00pm. This ceremony is dependent on the approval from health experts that it is safe for all to attend. We will keep you posted.