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PLCS high school students compete to have designs on police cruisers

graphic design student and teacher

Students in art and graphic design classes at both PLCS high schools are designing cruiser hoods for the D.A.R.E car, SRO vehicle at both high schools, SRO vehicle at LVMS, and the La Vista Community car, among others.

The designs will be submitted and voted on by the respected officer who will drive those cars.

"This contest was a tremendous opportunity for our students to create artwork for the community while gaining real world experience in graphic design," said Kelli Knox, an art teacher at PLSHS.  "The students took a lot of pride in researching, planning and creating their designs."

The students were excited to represent the community or school of their choice, she said.

Over at PLHS, Jessie Boyd's graphic design students were equally excited about the opportunity. In her class, the students were able to vote on the completed top designs of all the students int he class to submit for approval by the police departments. 

The final designs will be printed and wrapped onto the hoods of the cars.