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Liberty Day guest speakers teach elementary students about government

 Dr. Rikli speaks with students

(Dr. Andy Rikli speaks with students at La Vista West Elementary)

From studying how a bill becomes a law to understanding checks & balances, 5th grade students across the Papillion La Vista Community Schools have learned or will soon be able to learn about American Government thanks to the help of community members and PLCS Superintendent Dr. Andy Rikli.

Students will receive their very own copy of the U.S. Constitution and Bylaws courtesy of the Papillion Area Lions Club.

In addition to receiving a copy of the constitution, community members will also visit several classrooms across the District to provide real-world examples of government in action.

Papillion City Attorney Karla Rupiper speaks to students

(Karla Rupiper speaks to Portal Elementary students)

As part of the students’ curriculum, they are currently learning about the constitution, branches of the government and the amendment process.

Papillion attorney Karla Rupiper, PLCS Superintendent Dr. Andy Rikli, and former superintendent Dr. Rick Black will be this year's speakers at Liberty Day that began in early January and will stretch into early February.