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Pinnacle Bank opens up a Trumble Park branch

pinnacle bank at trumble

Students at Trumble Park Elementary now have a chance to open a Pinnacle Bank savings account and make deposits at school for the first time in several years. About 10 students lined up at the beginning of the school day to make their first deposits on Tuesday, January 14.

Principal Ami Nichols decided to bring the program to the school after seeing the success similar bank programs have had at other PLCS schools. She wants to help the future generation understand the importance of saving and understanding fiscal responsibility.

pinnacle bank

The program ties into the social studies curriculum unit about economics. This is a great way for students to have hands on experience about what they are learning in class!

The bank will be open at the school every other Tuesday starting January 14th through the end of the year.

Students will get a $5 voucher for their savings account if they open an account.