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Students discover love for running in Bell Elementary Cross Country club

Cross Country Club

 Bell Elementary students who want to participate in a sport before they head off to middle school are in luck, thanks to the school's Cross Country Club.

The Cross Country Club was started by P.E. teacher Molly Checksfield and is open to any 6th grader who wants to run long distances. The club happens every Tuesday and Thursday after school during the Fall and again in the Spring. 32 sixth graders participate in the club. The club recently participated in a cross country meet in October, where they competed against middle and junior high students from across the state of Nebraska. 

bell cross country club

"Cross Country club is really where there are a bunch of sixth graders getting together to go run distances and/or speed," 6th grade student Addison Checksfield said.

"You run and do different drills and games," 6th grader Chyler Hoke explained.

The students participate in different running exercises and games.

"It actually gives us a taste of what it is going to be like in middle school to run distance," Checksfield explained.

"So it's kind of a good start for us."

kids practice drills

Asher Austin comes from a family full of runners. So it was a no brainer for him to join Cross Country Club.

"My sisters made me want to run and I've always been a fan of running."

He explained both his parents and sisters are very supportive of him running.

the club participated in a meet in october

The club is for both experienced runners and beginners. 

"If you are the last one they [fellow runners] cheer you on. If we are running laps around the school, they'll wait for you at the corner and cheer you on," Hoke said. 

The Bell Elementary Cross Country Club was the only elementary team to participate in a junior high cross country meet in October. The girls placed 16th in the state. Zoey Ryan placed 20th out of 300 runners. 

The boys team placed 19th in the state! Asher Austin placed 36th out of 300 runners.