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Para Conference creates opportunities for networking, staff development

Paras at para conference

Twice a year, Para Educators have the opportunity to attend a conference to network and attend staff development workshops.

The Fall 2019 Para Conference was the fifth conference at PLCS and it was held at Liberty Middle School during the elementary planning day on November 1.

"It's just a great opportunity to get all of our paras that are at our elementary and pre-school levels to celebrate the things that they do, but also do some great staff development for the types of things that they are wanting to learn more about," said Kati Settles, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

G. Stanley Hall Para Tristan Mike found the experience helpful because her previous place of employment did not offer this type of training.

"Just getting the training I need to use the skills I need to help the children is great and beneficial," she said.

Ruth Liddell, a Para at Carriage Hill Elementary, loves the networking aspect of the conference.

"It's a great opportunity to brainstorm and get training. I appreciate that they are doing this for us," Liddell said.

At the end of each conference, the Paras fill out an evaluation that says what sessions went great and which ones they'd like to see at future conferences.

"We specifically use that feedback to plan our next conference so that has really helped us to make sure we are making it a meaningful time for Paras and really working on the things that they want to learn more about," Settles explained.

Settles hopes the takeaway for Paras is that they are valued and they make a difference.

The next Para Conference will take place in Spring of 2020.