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Patriot Elementary staff participate in a 'turkey bowling' competition

Top three winners of the Turkey bowling competition

(Kindergarten teacher Sarah Deming, Special Education teacher Eric Wicherski, and substitute Stephanie Lamb earned top 3 places in Turkey Bowling)

If you walked into Patriot Elementary the day before students left for Thanksgiving break, you would have seen a lot of smiling faces cheering because of the 3rd annual "Turkey Bowling" competition.

The day started with each classroom teacher having their chance at using a frozen turkey as a bowling ball to knock down bowling pins in the hallway outside of the gym. Principal Matt Hilderbrand kept track of the score using a bracket. 

The top 3 staff members who did the best, faced off in a final round in front of the whole school at an assembly at the end of the day. 

Kindergarten teacher Sarah Deming received first place, Special Education teacher Eric Wicherski received second place, and substitute Stephanie Lamb rounded out the top 3. 

The staff members received trophies that students printed using a 3D printer and frozen Thanksgiving pies. 

Kindergarten teacher Sarah Deming bowled her way to first place with a frozen turkey

(Kindergarten teacher Sarah Deming bowled her way to first place with a frozen turkey.)

Watch video of the finals here: 

Watch video of the prelims here:

Photos from the event: