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Bell Elementary launches 'Star Spangled Bulldogs' military club

bell elementary military club

(The Bell Elementary military club voted to name their club the Star Spangled Bulldogs)

Bell Elementary School now has a military club and students have named it the Star Spangled Bulldogs. The club began in September of 2019 and meets once a month for an hour.

Military connected students can use the club as a way to spend time with other students who share similar experiences being a military child. 

The club started with the help of three Air Force spouses and one teacher, as well as with the support of Bell Elementary Principal Mary Derby.

members of the military club smile at the camera

The club's organizers hope the club will help students who are new to the area feel welcomed and offer support to students who are facing challenges, as well as feel proud about being a military child. 

About 60 students have signed up for the club from kindergarten to 6th grade. 

"It's nice to see how everyone has something in common with me, it's nice to see people out there that are just like me that I can relate with," said 4th grader Luca Lorenz.

Lorenz's dad is in the Air Force and is currently deployed.

Lorenz said he likes the fun activities they do in military club.

"We read a book and now we are making posters about what we feel is important to us," he said.

The 4th grader explained he feels what is important is how veterans take care of the country and what they did to protect us.

The club will be participating in a service project on December 14th along with Patriot Elementary's military club by purchasing and placing wreaths on headstones at Offutt AIr Force Base Cemetery as part of the National Wreaths Across America event. 

students created flags that represented themselves