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Anderson Grove students donate to Nebraska Humane Society as 'Kindness Jar' reward

Students pose with donations for humane society

(2nd graders in Shawna Seely's class pose with their donations)

Second graders in Shawna Seeley's class had an opportunity to choose a reward for themselves for good behavior and instead chose to help others by donating to a non-profit.

Seeley has a "Kindness Jar" in her classroom that students can fill up with a "warm fuzzie" if they display kind behavior such as helping others, using manners, etc. 

Once the jar is filled up, the students get to vote from a long list of rewards. Seeley explained the rewards include eating lunch in the classroom, an ice cream party, breakfast and books, etc.

When Seeley asked her class what reward they wanted, the students suggested they do something to help others instead of a reward for themselves. The class discussed the idea together and ultimately voted to donate items to the Nebraska Humane Society. 

This is the first time the students chose a reward that did not benefit themselves.

"Once they lifted their heads from voting and yelled, 'yay!' ... I cried tears of joy. Their reward was helping others. The whole point of the kindness jar is for kids to get in the habit of wanting to help others, so when they picked that as a reward it made me so proud," Seeley said.

The students filled up 5 boxes of donations and delivered the boxes to the Nebraska Humane Society.

students with their donations