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PLHS students celebrate their culture through Hispanic Heritage Month project

Hispanic heritage month projects

Papillion La Vista High School students in Joslyn Darling's 6th period Spanish for Spanish Speakers class had the opportunity to explore their own biculturalism during Hispanic Heritage Month.

They created powerpoint presentations about the culture of their family's country of origin and also created a new flag that they felt best represented themselves and dual cultures. 

Students pose with flags

(Joslyn Darling poses with her students Karla Angel, Gabriel Zuniga, and Brayan Valadez)

"This class is really about giving students a voice and a chance to explore their own culture," said Darling. 

Many of the students in the class are fluent in both English and Spanish.

"But they aren't fully bilingual, meaning they can't read, write, listen, and speak equally in both languages," Darling explained.

"That is a hard level to arrive at."

The class is meant to bring their Spanish skills up to the same level as their English skills. 

Darling wants them to have every opportunity possible to push themselves further and use Spanish as much as English because they have the amazing advantage and gift of having Spanish speakers at home. 

The project that led the students to explore their cultures during Hispanic Heritage Month is one of Darling's most remembered and popular assignments. 

Darling hangs up the flags that the students create as part of the project and past students will come back to see if she still has their flag on the wall.