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Titan football players teach summer school students football skills

Football players help students learn skills

PLCS elementary-age summer school students lined up, eager to get their chance to tackle a Titan football player during a warm morning in July. No matter how light of a push the students gave them, a football player holding a large cushion would throw himself backward down to the ground.  Each time, the students' faces would light up with a big smile and loud laughter could be heard as the football player acted as if the children had mighty strength. 

The PLSHS football players were at summer school or "Camp Super Reader" teaching the students football drills as part of the enrichment part of their day. The idea is to break up their academic day to make the day fun and encourage attendance/engagement while the students are in summer school.

"We are just teaching the kids how to have some fun, playing some football, going through some drills and fun exercises," said Christian Steenbock, who will be a senior during the 2019-2020 school year. 

"This has convinced me I need to be a coach when I grow up. I was already thinking about it, but now I know I need to be a coach, this is so fun working with the kids," Steenbock said with a smile. 

 Different grade levels rotated through every 30 minutes to do the football drills with the high school players.