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Trumble Park Elementary kindergarteners learn STEAM with Collaboratory

Students play with doodlebugs

Students at Trumble Park Elementary School had a fun and educational morning in May when they had the opportunity to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) with the Collaboratory.

“The Collaboratory is a collaboration space and STEAM learning lab, mostly for kids but we do stuff for adults too, so really we do anything outside of the box that curious people want to try and learn," said Anna Eckhoff, owner of the Collaboratory. 

The students were split up into two groups, one group was tasked with making "doodlebugs" and another got to learn science lessons through various different stations including a station that allowed students to ride on a homemade hovercraft.

student on a hovercraft

“Today we are crafting doodlebugs and we are using little foam tubes and little electrical toothbrushes to make them vibrate with markers to color on the floor," said Collaboratory employee Amanda Jones. 

Jones loves watching the children learn in a fun way.

“It helps kids find their element, it helps them have excitement for learning because learning is so much more than books," she said.

“It’s just so much fun to see that light in kids eyes.”

The students were wide-eyed with wonder and their faces lit up with smiles each time they discovered something new. Eckhoff loves seeing student reactions.

“Oh my gosh, look around! Just the smiles and the excitement and the joy… just seeing kids discover and seeing kids grow and hearing their wonders and learning from them, it’s unmatchable," Eckhoff said.

She explained she hopes they leave with more questions than they had when they first arrived. She wants them to see how the air canon works and see the hovercraft and wonder what their own possibilities are. 

Eckhoff is a former employee at the Papillion La Vista School District and loves that she gets to continue teaching in her role at the Collaboratory. 

Check out this video of the students learning and playing: