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Walnut Creek 2nd Grade Organizes Cereal Drive

Mrs. Callahan's 2nd grade class of Walnut Creek Elementary organized a cereal donation drive for the Tri-City Food Pantry, and they involved the whole school! The class decided to organize the cereal drive after reading Malala's Magic Pencil and learned about the impact any person can make to change the world.

"Just as kids, we can change the world," said Chase, a student in the class. "We decided to take action, and we decided to do it in a fun way that would involve the whole school."

Amanda Callahan, the teacher heading up the project, said once they decided to raise cereal donations, they thought of ways they could get the whole school involved. They settled on creating a domino-style cereal train so that the project doubled as a STEM activity showing the transfer of energy.

“They were super excited to see if we could do this,” she said. The class wrote morning announcements and made posters and signs to encourage the school community to contribute cereal donations.

“This has been a great learning experience for our class,” she added. “Our whole school community has worked together, and I’m really proud of everybody.”

“It’s a really cool opportunity that we get to do this,” said student Audrey. “And it’s really fun, because when we did it I couldn’t believe how many boxes there were.”

“It was amazing because the whole school got to do it,” Chase said. “One idea, or one spark, can make a whole fire. And that’s kind of what happened when one class got every class and teacher in the school to get on this. It was just amazing - I loved it.”

Watch the full video here!
Mrs. Callahan's 2nd grade Walnut Creek class poses with all the donated cereal!  Students carry donations   students line up to watch cereal train  students made signs to promote the drive  students pose with donations  donations