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Wellness Club at Rumsey Station Elementary teaches students about mindfulness

Wellness club teaches students about yoga

Wellness Club is in its second year at Rumsey Station Elementary and the response to the club is so popular, the club is now split up by grade level. 

Each Wednesday, a different grade level learns about wellness, yoga, and meditation. They start the club by reading a book that has to do with the theme of the month (September was anxiety - October was fixed vs. growth mindsets), they then do Cosmic Kids Yoga, and end with a mindfulness/meditation video. 

Club Sponsor Amy Stock is passionate about wellness.

"This is a club I've created to specifically help them," Stock explained. "I love that they are excited to be here and they are pumped to do whatever crazy thing I'm asking them to do." 

Student holds a yoga map

She loves the response and support she's received from the PTO, students, and school leaders.

"We tell them to calm down and it is going to be okay, but we don't teach them how to do that."

 Stock explained she likes giving students tools and practices to help them with stress and anxiety.

Kindergarteners practice yoga

Each after school club meeting includes a lesson about feelings, yoga, and mindfulness. 

"I want them to just be able to come and have a safe place to share how they are feeling and to just relax," Stock said.

The club is also about having fun and not think about something that is stressing them out. It is a place to come and let go of the things they are worried about. 

The passion for the club comes from Stock having anxiety as a child and wishing she had learned the techniques she is now teaching the students. 

The club meets every Wednesday, with different grade levels meeting each week.