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Rumsey Station Elementary School students practice tornado drill during Severe Weather Awareness Week

Students huddle together during a tornado drill.

Students from Rumsey Station Elementary School practiced a tornado drill Wednesday morning, March 27.

The school decided to do the drill while the National Weather Service issued their mock tornado warning at 10:15 a.m. during Nebraska’s Severe Weather Awareness week.

Rumsey Station Principal Dan Kauk explained the tornado drill is important not only to help the kids know where to go in the event of a real tornado, but to also keep the students comfortable so they know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

4th grader Timothy Anderson said the teachers tell them to be quiet and sit still. He likes feeling prepared.

“If there is a real tornado and you don’t practice then you won’t know where to go,” said Anderson.

“In our building, all of our areas are actually identified with a sticker that indicates that it is a tornado shelter area - so whether it be volunteers, the kids, staff members, anybody that we have in the building knows where those designated locations are,” Kauk said.

Drills are a good time to smooth out the school’s emergency plans and make sure the classes know exactly where to go during the drill, Kauk said.

“If it would be an actual tornado and we did have rescue teams here helping out, we would know exactly where all of our kids are located throughout the building.”

Kauk encourages parents to use this week to go over some tornado drills at home and create a plan so kids know where the safe location is at home.

He also encourages parents to put together a kit with flashlights and any other items you may need in the event that you will have to take shelter for an extended period of time. 

The Severe Weather Awareness Week in Nebraska ends March 29.