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Portal Stars take home Battle of the Books trophy

Battle of the Books

After several intense rounds competing against other schools, a team from Portal Elementary took home the grand prize trophy at Battle of the Books on March 3, 2020.

Over the last several months, students in grades 4th-6th at elementary schools across PLCS prepared for the Battle of the Books competition.

At each building that participated, students formed teams of four students. Then, each student on the team would read a different novel each month. Each month, teams met to discuss the books and go over questions about the books.

After months of preparation, the students put their reading to the test. Each of the schools held a School Battle of the Books were students competed against other teams from their school to answer questions about the books they read. The winning teams from each of the schools faced off against students from neighboring schools in District Battles at PLHS in the cafeteria on March 3. 

A team from Portal Elementary took home the trophy.