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Portal Elementary donates an additional $1,572 to Red Cross through hat fundraiser

'Students smile next to check

Portal Elementary's student council organized a fundraiser to benefit the American Red Cross and raised $1,572.

The students organized a 4-day "hat's on" fundraiser where students could donate a dollar to wear a hat. 

“It just warms my heart how generous the students and the families were, how kind and giving they are. I’m just so proud to be a Portal Star,” said Star Council Co-Leader Caral Heumann. 

She said each grade level competed against one another and the fifth graders raised the most money of over $480.

“It’s really crazy that we could raise that much through our school. Our Portal Star family, all of us rock! It’s awesome,” said Star Council Member Lillian Vitera. 

The student council created a giant check to present to American Red Cross Representative Tim Neal.

“To see the students get behind a project like this is just awesome," he said.

He turned to the council and addressed them directly by telling them they can make a difference.

"There is no limit on what you guys can do. So just think about that and take that with you always. Thanks again for supporting the Red Cross!”

The students were inspired to raise the money because of the historic flooding in Nebraska at the end of March.