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Coding club new to Patriot Elementary School

students look at ipad

Coding club is brand new to Patriot Elementary School! Students will learn the basics of coding and computer science. What exactly is coding? It’s the way we communicate with computers and how we build and run websites, apps, video games, etc.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7 out of 10 of the largest STEM jobs are computer-related - hence a great need for students to learn computer science to prepare them for the workforce.

coding club

During the club, the students solve problems using computer languages and using programs like Scratch, Osmo, and codable robots. The coding club is different than the technology club the school has had in the past – focusing on coding will give the students more time to explore the four main pillars of computer science!

Olivia Herr is the club sponsor.

coding club