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5th graders are reminded of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on 18th anniversary

Students learn about September 11, 2001

The 5th grade students in Andrew Nabity's class at Patriot Elementary had not yet been born on September 11, 2001, however the events that unfolded that day resonated deeply with each student during a history lesson that took place on the morning of the 18th anniversary of the tragic day. 

Nabity played a brief video that showcased newsclips of the tragedy unfolding in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. During the video, the students held their focus on the screen in front of them. Some held their faces with their hands and sniffles could be heard throughout the room. 

Afterward, the students dressed in red, white, and blue and wearing somber faces gathered in a circle at the front of the room. Mr. Nabity held a discussion about what happened that day. He recounted his experience as a sixth grader finding out the news. 

In 2001, it would be almost a decade before Nabity's students would be born, so the students took turns raising their hands and describing the memories their parents had told them of where they were on September 11. 

Nabity asked how many in the room had military parents, a majority of the kids raised their hands. The teacher went on to explain how the events that unfolded that day led to the War on Terror, of which several of their parents had fought in. 

He then read them a story about the first responders who served that day. 

The students walked away from the lesson with a reminder to never forget what happened on that tragic day 18 years ago.