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Parkview Heights Elementary 5th grade teachers open 'Decimal Diner'

decimal diner

The fifth grade team at Parkview Heights Elementary opened a decimal diner to help their students practice their math skills in the “real world”.

The students and staff wore diner hats and had menus to work off of to learn math lessons that have real life applications. 

decimal diner

The students had four different 20-minute rotations for students to focus on a math skill they were working on and the students were divided up into groups for the activity. 

  • Station 1- Rounding decimals: students rounded the cost of the meal to their nearest assigned place value
  • Station 2- Comparing decimals- students found out the total cost of meal tickets and comparing them from least to greatest
  • Station 3- Adding decimals- students ordered food to see how much their ticket will be.
  • Station 4- Subtracting decimals- Students were given an amount they are allowed to spend. They had the option to order from their partner, but had to do the math to make sure that they had enough money.

The students ended the activity with a popcorn snack!

 decimal diner