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Parkview Heights 5th graders participate in STEM Day

Parkview Heights Participate in STEM Day

Parkview Heights Elementary School 5th graders participated in a STEM Day on May 23. The day was organized by Parkview Elementary School's High Ability Learners (HAL) facilitator, Mike Klug. 

The 5th-grade students were able to participate in several activities in four 30 minute rotations.

At the first station in Pete Langenhan's classroom, the students were tasked with engineering a lunar lander. The challenge was to drop their lander without the astronauts falling out. They used dixie cups and other materials for the lander and used marshmallows to represent the astronauts. 

"We've been talking a lot in this class about working together - the teamwork that is involved with it, the problem-solving skills, the thinking outside of the box activities is a lot of fun for the kids too," said 5th-grade teacher Pete Langenhan.

The students could be seen hard at work, building and testing their spacecraft models. 

"You've got to work as a team and strategize what to do," said 5th-grade student Peter Valadez.

Other activities included building a shelter in Beth Van Roy's classroom, teamwork towers in Astin Sibbernsen's classroom, and building puff mobiles with Mike Klug in the art room. 

Check out this video of the students building lunar landers: