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La Vista West Elementary students celebrate Earth Day by planting garden

Students plant flowers for Earth Day

La Vista West Elementary School third graders celebrated Earth Day by planting a garden in front of their school. 

“It all stemmed from one of my little girls, she started a persuasive essay on wanting to start an Earth Club," said 3rd Grade Teacher Merry Lee Blair. 

That student, Makenzie Wilwerding, brought some bulbs to school for her fellow classmates to plant. Wilwerding feels it's important to plant to help take care of the Earth. 

Blair said she talked to the class about how the bulbs grow before she handed them off to the students. 

“I’m just thankful that we have a school that will allow us to disrupt the landscape and make it more kid oriented," she said. "It’s just good to give kids opportunities.”

For 3rd grader Jadiel Lopez this was the first time he has ever planted flowers. 

"It was actually good," he replied when asked how he felt about the activity. "I liked it."

3rd-grade Student Isabella Jackson is not new to planting flowers, in fact, she has plans to help her grandmother with her garden soon.

"I feel like I'm saving the Earth!" she exclaimed after planting her flower. 

Overall, whether students were novices or experts at gardening, Blair said it was fun to see the students outside of the classroom.

“They get to respond differently to some of the sensory things we get to experience, so it’s just good to see them as the whole child and not just the academic learner," she said.