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PLSHS ProStart students cook up small bites for fundraiser

prostart students work at fundraiser

The Papillion La Vista South ProStart students were one of three schools in Nebraska who were chosen to participate in a state-wide ProStart fundraiser.

ProStart is a nationwide, two-year high school program that teaches cullinary techniques and management skills. The curriculum provides real-life experience opportunities and gets students ready for a career in culinary arts. 

As for the fundraiser, it was a first for the state of NE. Each team provided a different "small bite" plate for guests to sample. 

The ProStart students were split into two five person teams that made Cuban Pork Roulades and Chicken Confit Ravioli in Rosemary Garlic Oil. 

prostart students prepare

The teams were paired up with chefs from around the area and the PLSHS teams were partnered with US Foods chefs.

Tim Galligher was one of the chefs who chose to help out.

"I came from the culinary program here in Omaha, Nebraska at Metro so I think giving back to the community and being part of our future of culinary is important," Galligher said.

Lexi Hassett is a ProStart student that loves the opportunity of learning from professional chefs.

"We are being taught by chefs and learning things that chefs learn in culinary school," she said. 

The fundraiser was held at the Timber Wood Bistro in Omaha on January 12.

All of the food PLSHS used was donated by US Foods. 

The proceeds of the fundraiser went to the Hospitality Education Foundation for the Nebraska ProStart Program.