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Burlington donates $10,000 to Golden Hills Elementary

Burlington donates $10k to Golden Hills

Burlington Stores through its partnership with is donating $10,000 to Golden Hills Elementary.

Principal Mikaela Vobejda made the announcement during a first day of school assembly. The teachers had no idea what was about to be announced.

"Somebody shared some really big news with me and I was so excited," Principal Vobedja told the gym full of students and staff.

"But then guess what happened? The next thing they told me after they shared this really exciting news was, 'you can't tell anybody'," she said.

Burlington store manager Paula Burright then walked in with a giant check and announced that Burlington was adopting all of their teachers.

The room erupted in cheers and applause. 

Teachers clap at assembly

A representative from contacted school administrators and helped to secure the donation for Golden Hills Elementary, which will provide $10,000 in new supplies for each teacher's classroom. 

Burlington, in partnership with Adopt a Classroom, makes a donation to a local school in each grand opening market to celebrate a new store location. The Burlington Store opened in the Shadow Lake Town Center in early August. 

check for teachers


 Watch the video of the donation: