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2021 Greatness Awards Announced

The 2021 Greatness Award winners were announced at the all-staff Welcome Back event at Werner Park on Monday, August 9.

Hear from the 2020 winners here!

Lori Kupfer - Classified Staff Member of the Year
Ms. Kupfer was recognized for being passionate, helpful, kind, funny, amazing, on the ball, out of this world, and a "rock-solid foundation" for G. Stanley Hall. She is known for going above and beyond for her staff and for building relationships with students, from knowing each of their names to helping them however she can.

Miranda Bush - Rookie of the Year

Ms. Bush of Papillion Middle is known for her "dynamic, exciting, and challenging" classroom, allowing her to achieve tremendous student growth. She is devoted to academic rigor, and her nominators had abundant stories about her ability to impact and connect with her students. While working as a PLCS para, she went back to school to get her teaching degree, while raising two teenagers of her own during her husband's deployment.

Nicole Bennett - Elementary Teacher of the Year
Ms. Bennett of Trumble Park Elementary is known for being positive, authentic, loving, inspiring, genuine, and helpful. One nominator noted how her students are "seen, heard, respected, and valued. She truly honors each student with her presence and heart." She selflessly supports her coworkers through coaching and professional development, and willingly steps in to cover a class or help with anything. She is a true friend to confide in.

Joe Rohacik - Secondary Teacher of the Year

Mr. Rohacik of Papillion La Vista High School is known as amazing teacher who excels in his craft, and for finding a unique way to bond with every student he encounters to make his classroom a place where everyone can feel valued and accepted. His passion, drive, energy, and knowledge has driven the PLHS journalism program to great heights, and he is the recipient of numerous state honors for his work. One nominator noted that he is not only a great teacher, but "a person of outstanding character as well. He is a man of high integrity. He has tremendous passion and drive for his work."

award winners
Lori Kupfer, Nicole Bennett, Miranda Bush, and Joe Rohacik

Lori Kupfer, Classified Staff Member of the Year, and family

Nicole Bennett, Elementary Teacher of the Year, and family

Miranda Bush, Rookie of the Year, and family

Joe Rohacik, Secondary Teacher of the Year, and family