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G. Stanley Hall: Champions of Inclusion

G. Stanley Hall Elementary celebrated Inclusive Schools Week (March 8-12) with special activities and presentations meant to prompt discussion around the importance of inclusion. Classrooms incorporated the discussions and shared videos from related PLCS service providers who talked about their jobs and why inclusion is important to them.

The videos featured service providers Rachel Lee (GSH Speech Pathologist), Sha Mauch (PLCS Assistive Technology), Leigh McAuliff (PLCS Vision Specialist), Ann Teigland (PLCS Deaf Education), Holly Williams (PLCS Physical Therapist), and Lisa Wright (PLCS Occupational Therapist).

Kelsee Hollenbeck, a teacher at G. Stanley Hall who is instrumental in planning their Inclusive Schools Week celebrations, noted that the service providers are an important part of the G. Stanley Hall team through collaboration with teachers. 

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Mural at G. Stanley Hall