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Sixth Grade G. Stanley Hall Students create Black History Month display

Sixth-grade students from G. Stanley Hall Elementary had fun learning and expressing their creativity during a Black History Month project prompting them to research influential African American figures.

Students were organized into groups based on their top three preferred research subjects. They compiled their research in beautiful posters that they mounted in the school hallway so other students, teachers, and staff could enjoy.

Teacher Kristie Johnson said the students worked for 20 minutes each day throughout February to complete the project. Students worked on the project while also reading Freedom Walkers to learn about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and racism in the past and present.

Students were enthusiastic when asked to reflect about the project.

“I enjoyed doing the Black History Month project because we got to do research about famous Black people, and I learned a lot of new things. Also, it can teach people how you can make big accomplishments just by giving your best effort and not giving up easily.” – Alicia Chachere

“It doesn’t matter about your race or nationality – basically as long as you dream it, you can achieve it.” – Jerayciana Braniff

“I got to learn about people with different colored skin from me, and I think that they should be noticed and appreciated.” – Alice Gifford

“We don’t just learn about these people, we learn about the world and what was different before and what is different now, and we learn that you can be more than one thing.” – Fadwa Elhaj

G. Stanley staff also expressed that they enjoyed seeing the posters in the hall and were impressed with the quality of work from the class.

Mrs. Johnson noted that, in addition to helping, the project helped students grow skills in working with classmates, researching reliable resources, and managing their time. She plans to repeat the project for future classes.

Three 6th grade students standing in front of their Black History Month project


Two students standing by their Black History Month artwork .    Student standing by their Black History Month artwork .    Student standing by their Black History Month artwork

Photo of the Black History Month Artwork Project