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GSH 3rd graders teach tech lesson to preschoolers

3rd grade teaches prek

(3rd-grade students teach pre-k students)

G. Stanley Hall students in Garrett O'Dell's 3rd-grade class were able to feel what it's like to be teachers in early November. 

The students were tasked with teaching preschoolers how to use a program called Seesaw. Seesaw is a platform for student engagement. It allows students to show what they know using photos, videos, drawings, text, etc. 

Students learn how to use seesaw

The idea was sparked when a preschool teacher had mentioned to O'Dell that she wanted to have her students learn Seesaw.

"There are no better teachers than students who use it on a daily basis. They are the experts," O'Dell explained.

The students walked away from the experience with an idea of what teaching can be like. 

O'Dell had the students reflect on their experience and he gathered the following quotes:

  • "I learned how hard teaching can be if you don't have a lot of experience. It got easier the more I did it. Even then it can still be hard," Harrison said.
  • "I learned that it is hard because they would not stay on topic. I know how Mr. O'Dell might feel," James said.
  • "Always listen to the adult, no matter who it is, except strangers," Charlie said.

feed back about teaching

(Feedback about what the students learned from a 3rd grader in O'Dell's class)