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Liberty Middle School teacher Tony Reisdorff wins national award

Tony Reisdorff wins award

Liberty Middle School teacher Tony Reisdorff won a national award that brings recognition to extraordinary people who demonstrate that hearing loss does not limit a person's ability to live a full, productive, and inspiring life. 

The national awards program is called the 2019 Oticon Focus on People Awards. Reisdorff won first place in the adult category. The PLCS community came together in force by voting for him during the semi-finalist phase of the program.

As a winner, Reisdorff was able to attend a special awards ceremony on November 21 in Somerset, New Jersey.

He received a $1,000 prize along with a $1,000 donation to a non-profit, as well as a set of advanced technology Opticon Opn S hearing aids. Oticon surprised Reisdorff with an extra prize. They awarded his son Seth, a 7th grader at Liberty Middle, who also has hearing loss, a new set of OPN Play hearing aides.

Reisdorff chose to direct his non-profit donation to the PLV Schools Foundation.

The following excerpt about Reisdorff is displayed on the Oticon website:

"Tony is a middle school teacher and coach who teaches by example. As a person with hearing loss and the father of a young son born with a genetic disorder that impacts speech, communication and learning, he is passionate about creating a world that accepts and respects people of all abilities. In classes throughout the school year, his hearing aids become a compelling and very personal talking point to promote inclusion among students and athletes. Tony has taught industrial technology for more than 20 years and also coaches football, wrestling, track and robotics. In his free time each summer, he volunteers with the local division of Special Olympics."