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Liberty Middle School bacteria project proves importance of hand washing

bacteria experiment

(Photo courtesy: Courtney Carter)

The Family & Consumer Science classes at Liberty Middle School participated in a bacteria growth project.

Teacher Courtney Carter said the students collected samples of bacteria from different surfaces such as the following: Water fountain push button, health doorknob, boys locker room door handle, sink handle girls locker room, McShane door handle, girls stall handle, whiteboard marker, Mr. Koehm's door handle, Morris door handle, dryer push button, boys stall door handle, laptop keyboard.

They watched the bacteria in petri dishes as well as on pieces of bread. 

Ultimately, after a couple of weeks, the class found that the surfaces that look to have the most bacteria are the door handles and individual hands. 

Carter said the purpose of the project is to show as an example that we as humans are culprits in cross-contaiminating. It really shows the importance of washing our hands before we eat and before we prepare food to keep ourselves and other people healthy. 

moldy bread

(Photo courtesy: Courtney Carter)