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Carriage Hill students work to establish official handshake for school

students practice handshake

(First-ever Carriage Hill Elementary handshake contest.)

Students at Carriage Hill Elementary of all ages gathered together on the morning of February 10 to show off their made up handshakes. 

It was all part of a school-wide contest to establish the first ever "official handshake". The idea was born after Principal Kelcy Tapp saw a brother-sister duo do an elaborate secret handshake.

The school leaders feel having a handshake that the whole school learned could bring the students closer together and promote a positive culture in the school.

More than a dozen students lined up in a hallway in pairs, silently practicing their handshake. When their names were called, they stepped in front of an iPad recording video and performed their handshakes. 

judges watch the handshake contest

(Three judges watch as the students perform their handshakes)

Three judges stood silently by observing each handshake. The judges plan to pick a winner and have the winning students put together a how-to tutorial to teach the rest of the school how to do it. 

handshake contet