School to Business Partnership/Cooperation BEST

  • What is Cooperation BEST?

    Cooperation BEST is our School Business Partnership Program. Through Cooperation BEST businesses and organizations are paired with schools or educational programs to assist in preparing our students for tomorrow. Partnerships are on-going, dynamic relationships that must be mutually beneficial for the school and the business.

    The Cooperation BEST program was kicked off in January of 1995. The structure was developed through the combined efforts of Papillion La Vista Community Schools, the Papillion and La Vista Chambers of Commerce, and the Cooperation BEST Advisory Board. Since that time, all schools in the district have been partnered with a business or organization. Activities of the partnership program lead directly to the enhancement of student learning, while also promoting school and community involvement.

    Cooperation BEST Mission:

    Cooperation BEST enhances learning by connecting students and teachers to business partners to “better educate students for tomorrow”.

    Who Can Participate?

    Every school in the District and any business or organization may participate. Partnerships can be with the entire School District, selected buildings, and or with an individual department or classroom. As a result, the size of a company or organization does not matter. The only requirement is a commitment to assist with better educating students for tomorrow. Partnerships are designed to work with teachers to meet the needs and interests of the business or organization and the school involved.

    Program Structure

    School Business Partnerships are unique and based on the needs and resources of both the school and the business. Time, services, or resources may vary from partnership to partnership. To accomplish the mission of Cooperation BEST, the program utilizes the following categories of partnerships.

    Community Partners

    Businesses will:

    • Provide “resources” to all schools in the District. Resources can include discounts, incentives for students, coupons, special programs, or activities that occur because of a special event.
    • May not have the availability of human resources to be in the schools and the classroom.
    • Provide fundraising opportunities for PTO’s or buildings.
    • Be listed in the resource guide that outlines what they will provide to the schools and is distributed to all building principals and parent organizations. As well as on the Portal.

    School/Classroom Partners

    Businesses will:

    • Have an identified building as their partner.
    • Focus on a school level; i.e. elementary, middle or high school.
    • Includes post-secondary and academy partners.
    • Partner with a grade level, classroom, department or as part of the SIP Goals.
    • Provide a moderate amount of human resources
    • Provide activities designed to meet a specific school need.
    • Collaborate with program facilitators and classroom teachers to supplement classroom learning experiences.
    • May provide donations or resources that are in direct relation to an educational activity.

    Contact Information

    For more information, please contact:
    Lois Erickson, Cooperation BEST Facilitator
    Phone: (402) 537-6283

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