• Student working in a classroom Regardless of the future career path of our students, it is the vision of the Papillion La Vista Community Schools (PLCS) to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for the transition into the next phase of life after graduation. Students need to have a variety of personalized learning opportunities and have exposure and experiences in a variety of future careers. The Authentic College & Career Experiences for Student Success (ACCESS) programs outlined in this book will help accomplish this vision. PLCS offers seven academies that are taught by PLCS teachers.  Additional academy programs are also made available through Metropolitan Community College.

    College Credit
    PLCS offers a number of rigorous courses that offer college credit. Students who participate in dual enrollment or advanced placement courses are more prepared for the demands of college.  Dual enrollment and advanced placement each offer college credit.

    Dual enrollment is a partnership between a college/university and the high school that provide students with the opportunity to take college level courses while in high school. Students earn both high school and college credit and must enroll in a college/university to receive credit. Participating in dual enrollment does start your college grade point average (GPA)

    Advanced Placement (AP) is a national program that standardizes courses taught by high school teachers who are approved through the college board.  To earn college credit, students must take the AP Exam. Each college/university determines what courses they will accept and the score required to be awarded college credit. AP courses do not start your college GPA.

    Both options provide students an opportunity to experience college courses in high school.

    Introducing the Academy Program…
    PLCS academies are real-life, hands-on learning experiences designed around a specific career area. Academies are located at the school or in a business setting and are designed to take learning and career exploration to a whole new level.  Academies combine both classroom learning where students are taught by a PLCS teacher and hands-on learning where students work directly in their chosen career interest. The exciting part of PLCS academies are the opportunities for high school students to work directly with professionals in their chosen career area.  Students who participate in an academy gain high school credit and, in many cases, college credit or industry certification.

    ACCESS Programs Offered
    Papillion La Vista Community Schools, in partnership with local businesses, offers several different academies, programs and internships. Please click on the academy you are interested in below to obtain more information.