Drop off/Pick up Parking

  • Due to the number of students at La Vista Middle School, we ask that you do NOT park (even for a short time), in the drop off/pick-up lanes in front of the school. There are two parking lots available for parents to leave their cars if they need to visit with someone in the building or drop-off/unload things other than students. On occasion, when there is heavy traffic around the school and on Edgewood Boulevard, we will ask drivers to "loop" around the north parking area to help keep traffic moving and to allow as many cars onto school property as possible. During those times, there will be a staff member "directing" traffic flow. We ask that you follow those directions for the safety of our students entering or leaving the property. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during these high-volume vehicle times.

  • Traffic Map to help the flow of traffic manouver in our parking lot