• Elementary Report Card

    The goal of the report card is to communicate with parents their child’s progress. A child’s academic performance is communicated separately from his or her skills for success. Academic performance will be communicated using beginning, progressing, proficient, or advanced. These ratings, which do not correspond with letter grades, provide parents with information on how their child is performing on grade level standards and expectations. Grade level standards and expectations can be found on the top of the report card. For a video overview of the report card, see right. 

    Report Cards Now Accessible Online!

    Elementary report cards for all Papillion La Vista Community Schools are online. Click here to access your child’s report card. The username and password would be the same as parents use for the app, or to complete the online verification forms at the beginning of the year. The usernames have been emailed to all parents. If you do not remember your password you can log on and click forgot my password.

  • Download the District App for Information about Your Child!

    The PLCS App is a fantastic way for parents and students to stay better connected to daily and weekly happenings within the District. It also empowers families to tap into the digital resources already available at their fingertips.

    Downloading the District App
    If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, here’s how!

    1. Open the app store for your phone (App Store, Google Play, etc.)
    2. Search for Papillion La Vista
    3. Look for this icon PLCS parent app icon displayed on page. and click it
    4. Click install and begin download!

    Need help logging into the App?
    To see your child’s report card, you must be logged into the “My Family” section on the app.
    Once the app is downloaded, “tap” on the student info section on the second page. Parents will be asked to enter a username and password. Parents will only need one login and password to access the information for all of their children. This is the same username and password parents use to access the online Parent Portal.

    How to log into My Family section of PLCS Parent App.
    Once logged into the PLCS Parent App
    If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it, please contact the PLCS Communications Department at 402-537-6209.

    Accessing Report Cards on the Parent Portal

    Within PLCS, many parents are quickly learning and becoming more comfortable with accessing their student’s information online. First, start by clicking on this link to access the Parent Portal: PLCS Parent Portal. You will be asked for a User ID & Password. The user ID is the same as listed above. Parents will only need one login and password to access the information for all their children.

    Parent Portal login page.
    Help! I've forgotten my password!
    If you do not remember your password, you can click "Forgot Password" and enter the Username and Email on file with the District. For help or additional questions, please contact the PLCS Helpdesk at HelpDesk@paplv.org or call (402) 537-6299.