• Special Education Services

    Papillion La Vista Community Schools provides services for students with disabilities who range in age from birth to 21 years. Available in the student’s natural environment or neighborhood school, these services include accommodations, instruction, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, vision and hearing services, school psychology, vocational experience, and assistive technology. Services for students are based upon goals and objectives that are outlined jointly between school and home. Teachers utilize an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) to coordinate the educational programming that a student will need to be a lifelong, productive citizen. Students are educated in age-appropriate environments with their general education peers to the greatest extent possible. The District prides itself on its inclusive services, as well as the quality of its staff. Teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists, and administrators function as a team in delivering high quality programs.

    The mission of Papillion La Vista Community Schools Special Education Department is to promote the individual skills of all students with disabilities, so that they are prepared to participate and function in their communities as contributing members to the best of their ability.

    Staff, parents and the community believe:

    • All children can learn and are entitled to a quality education.
    • All students should be educated with age appropriate peers in their home district and, if possible, in their neighborhood school building.
    • Students must be provided with services in an environment which maximizes their opportunities to interact with the total school and community population.
    • Coordination and communication between general and special educators is vital in providing education for all students.
    • Shared responsibility of services between general and special educators forms a unified system for all students.
    • Parents and the community are integral partners with the school in providing appropriate education for their child.