District Purpose and Direction

  • Previously referred to as the mission and belief statements, the new purpose a direction was developed from input through the Vision 2020 process.  This process included community members, students, teachers, parents and business leaders.
    Purpose:  The purpose of Papillion La Vista Community Schools is to prepare every student for a successful transition into the next phase of his/her life.
    Direction:  The direction of  Papillion La Vista Community Schools  is to prepare every student for success through superior educational programs delivered by highly effective educators, who use innovative,  research-based strategies in a safe and supportive environment in collaboration with family and community members.

    Values & Beliefs
    • Excellence
    • Commitment
    • Teamwork
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Respect
    • Hard Work
    • We embrace the conviction that ALL students can achieve. 
Teacher talking with students in the classroom