• Extracurricular Activities

    Here is a list of the extracurricular activities offered at Bell Elementary and information about each organization.

    Bell Elementary Student Council

    • Sponsor:  Ms. Emery and Ms. Pollett 

    cemery@paplv.org, hpollett@paplv.org

    • Grade Levels: 5th and 6th Grade
    • When: Every Thursday
    • Time: 7:30-8:00 AM
    • Location:  Pollett’s Classroom (room 323)
    • Starting: 
    • Ending: 

    Description:  Members develop their leadership and communication skills while volunteering and planning events for students and the community.  Students share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers. They will also help raise funds for school-wide activities, social events, community projects, and helping people in need in our community.


    Star Spangled Bulldogs Military Kids Club

    • Sponsor:  Mrs. Porter, aporter @paplv.org
    • Grade Levels: Kindergarten - 6th grade
    • When: the third Wednesday of every month
    • Time: 3:10-4:10 PM
    • Location:  Library
    • Meeting dates:  October 16, November 20k December 18,Jjanuary 22, February 19, March 25, April 15 and May 13


    Bell Elementary started a military kids club in September 2019 with the help of three Air Force spouses and one teacher, with the support of the Principal, Mary Derby. There are approximately 60 students enrolled in the club from grades Kindergarten to 6th grade. The students of the club selected and voted on the name Star Spangled Bull Dogs.

    Star Spangled Bull Dogs is an opportunity for military-connected students to spend time with other students who share common experiences and challenges associated with military life. WE hope to be able to help students who are new to the area feel welcomed, offer support to students who are experiencing challenges due to parent’s deployment or usual work schedule and give students an opportunity to share the pride that comes with being connected to the military.


    Band Rehearsal

    • Sponsor: Ms. Deicke


    • Grade Levels: 6th Grade
    • When: 
    • Time: 
    • Location: Music Room
    • Starting: 
    • Ending: 

    Description:  Beginning band lessons and full band rehearsals. An important activity for any students who wants to play an instrument in middle school or high school band.



    Cross Country

    • Sponsor: Ms. Checksfield


    • Grade Levels: 6th Grade
    • When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Time: 3:15-3:45 PM
    • Location: School Grounds
    • Starting: 9/03/2019
    • Ending: 10/18/2019

    Description:  Cross Country is for sixth grade students who have an interest in long distance running.  Students will play running games and do some conditioning while practicing for longer runs.  This is a great opportunity for students interested in Middle School Track or Cross Country.