PLCS Inclement Weather Information

  • The decision to close school will be made by the Central Office as early as possible. The superintendent is responsible for making the final decision. The following resources may be helpful in the decision making process:

    In addition to the possibility of canceling school, the superintendent may chose to invoke a 2 hour late start as well. Please see the FAQs regarding our late start procedures here:

Snow Control Plan

  • Snow and Ice Control Plan Summary

    Each year, our Director of Buildings and Grounds issues a Snow and Ice Control Plan for the district. With miles of sidewalks across the district, and several acres of parking lots and playgrounds to clear off snow, our Buildings & Grounds Department, which includes maintenance staff and custodial staff, faces a significant challenge during these events.


    Our highest priority is the safety of our students, and our secondary concern is allowing snow removal crews unobstructed access to district properties, so we can reopen our schools for regular operations and activities. Our annual Snow and Ice Control Plan ensures a proactive response to winter challenges across our district. Key components include:


    Communication Strategy

    A communication plan is in place to keep the school community informed during snow events. The plan includes guidance for providing updates on closures, delays, or changes in operations.


    Roles and Responsibilities

    Our plan underscores the integral roles of buildings and grounds staff and custodial teams in executing snow and ice control operations. Clear delineation of responsibilities ensures a coordinated and effective response.


    Safety First

    At the forefront of our priorities is the safety of our students and staff. The plan outlines specific safety measures and protocols implemented to safeguard everyone during winter events. This includes proper winter weather gear, frostbite information, skip and fall prevention, and snow removal safety tips.


    Equipment and Preparedness

    Each building is equipped with at least one snow blower, which is serviced annually in October. Additionally, our crew has access to snow shovels, ice melt, spreaders, and snow plows for larger areas.