• Golden Hills Elementary 

    2912 Coffey Ave, Bellevue , NE 68123 




    Golden Hills Elementary 2023-2024 

    Parent/Family Member/Student/School Compact 

    Golden Hills has been designated as a school-wide Title I building, receiving federal money that will benefit the academic success of all students. This compact outlines how parents and family members, the entire school staff, and the students at Golden Hills will share the responsibility for improved academic achievement, and the means by which the school and parents and family members will build and develop a partnership that will help all children achieve the State's high standards. 

    This school-parent-child compact is in effect during the 2023-2024 school year. 


    On behalf of Golden Hills Elementary, 

    • We will create a supportive, safe, and caring learning environment that provides a high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive environment to enable children to achieve academic success.

    • We will have ongoing communication with parents regarding their child's progress.

    • We will use highly effective teaching strategies. 

    • We will continue to grow and learn as professionals. 

    • We will distribute important school information using school communication tools (newsletters, email, blackboard, SeeSaw). 

    • We will provide each student with what they need to be successful. 


    As the Parents or Guardians: 

    • I will make attendance a priority. 

    • I will support my child in educational activities at home and at school. 

    • I will participate in decisions related to my child's education. 

    • I will promote positive use of my child's time outside of school. 

    • I will use school communication tools (newsletters, email, blackboard, SeeSaw) to stay informed

    • Whenever possible, I will attend school events.


    As the student: 

    • I will try my best in class. 

    • I will ask for help if needed. 

    • I will give all school papers to my adults. 

    • I will practice reading, writing, math or any other educational activities each day at home.

    • I will be respectful, responsible, safe and kind.