Scholarships and Transcripts

  • Vickie Bradley:

    On this page, you'll find information on how to request a transcript and how to apply for scholarships. It is best to click on the pages below to get all of the information. 

    Requesting a transcript for a college

    Current Students: Use Maia Learning. Students can access Maia Learning under your PLCS "My Apps"

    Former Students: Contact Mandy Condrey, 402-537-6214,

    Requesting a recommendation

    If requesting a recommendation from PLCS Staff:

    1) Talk to the recommender.  Ask if they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation. It is very important that students realize this may take weeks for them to write, so give them plenty of time. Know the deadlines. 

    2) Formally request the letter using Maia Learning. After logged in to Maia Learning via "My Apps", follow this sequence: --> Universities --> Request Recs --> find your recommender(s) on the dropdown menu or search for their last name(s). To complete the recommendation request click/push "save". The recommender will then receive an email from Maia Learning with a link to upload your letter.

    * We HIGHLY recommend that you complete, make a PDF and upload your All About Me/aka 'Brag Sheet'. Let your recommender know they can access it for more info about you.


    PLHS does not give students their letters in order to keep them confidential.

     *If you are applying to a Common Application school, you will need to let Mrs. Bradley or Mr. Caruso which letters should go to what school. 

    Finding Scholarships

    There are many scholarship opportunities available for students throughout their senior year. To find a list of scholarships that have been sent to the PLHS scholarship office, log onto your Maia Learning account.

    *The scholarship office will mail your application and support materials for you. Please bring your materials to Mrs. Bradley 5 days prior to the deadline listed on the application