Scholarships and Transcripts

  • Vickie Bradley:

    On this page, you'll find information on how to request a transcript and how to apply for scholarships. It is best to click on the pages below to get all of the information. 

    Requesting a transcript for a college

    Link to the Naviance website and sign in.

    Click “Colleges,”  “Colleges I’m apply to” red “+” button to add the college and then “add and request transcript”.

     Requesting a recommendation

    You will need to email your teacher and ask for a recommendation. You can find the Recommendation Request document with questions you will need to answer for your teacher in your email in your document folder on Naviance.

    In order for your teacher to complete your recommendation, you will also need to send them a request from Naviance under apply to colleges. Click on the "Colleges" tab, then "letters of recommendation", "Add Request", select your teacher from the drop down menu, indicate whether it is a letter for a specific college or all colleges (This is the letter that will be used for scholarship applications as well.) In the personal note section, thank them again for their time and support. Remember, you should have asked them in an email in advance.

    If you need a recommendation for a scholarship application or school applications, Mrs. Bradley will send your letters of recommendation on your behalf. PLHS does not give students their letters in order to keep them confidential.

     *If you are applying to a Common Application school, you will need to let your teacher know. These recommendations require the teacher to complete an additional form on Naviance.

    Finding Scholarships

    There are many scholarship opportunities available for students throughout their senior year. To find a list of scholarships that have been sent to the PLHS scholarship office, log onto your Naviance account. Click “Colleges” tab, scroll to the bottom of the section, click “scholarship scholarships and money, scholarship list.” You will find a list of scholarships. Click the  name of the scholarship to see the application or link to the scholarship website.

    *The scholarship office will mail your application and support materials for you. Please bring your material to Mrs. Bradley 5 days prior to the deadline on the application