Young Adult Transition Program (YATP)

  • Our mission is to provide the foundation for young adults, through community-based learning, to achieve their potential as they transition from school to community participation and life management.  The Young Adult Transition Program (YATP) fosters the interaction of our students and their community. Students provide diversity within the work force and a personal touch in the work environment. Positive employer/employee relationships are established during the interaction of YATP students and members of the community.

    The Young Adult Transition Program (YATP) was established in 2000 to serve the needs of young adults who qualify for Special Education, have completed a high school program, and require more intense services beyond that program. The purpose of the program is to provide instruction in the areas of transition, as well as to introduce the students and parents to available support services.  The YATP provides opportunities for young adult learners with more involved disabilities to live, work, interact socially, and access leisure activities in the community so that productive routines and relationships can be established. A team composed of parents, young adults, local and/or state personnel agencies, and school staff collaborate to help the young adult make a successful, supported transition from school to adult life.


    Daily Screening Guidelines
    All families will need to complete a daily screening prior to arriving at school each day.
    It is VERY critical that if showing any symptom - stay home.
    Do your part to keep everyone healthy and safe. Complete the daily screener honestly!

    PLCS Partners with Children's Hospital & Medical Center to help families conduct daily screening for COVID-19
    Through a partnership with Children's Hospital, all PLCS families will have access to a screening app that can be completed daily on your phone or any device. This screening tool will walk families through a series of questions and give you action steps that need to be taken based on your answers. Daily screening is critical in keeping all students and staff healthy and in school.

    Click here to complete the COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool 

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